Courage. Innovation. Change.
Professional Development
10 NOV 2016
New Age Leadership & Innovation
Leadership in organizations is fundamentally about innovation. When an organization is\nnot changing significantly, what it needs on a day to day basis is effective, competent ma...
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17 OCT 2016
Masterclass - How Leaders Communicate
The communications landscape today is much more complex than before. We live in a world where all stakeholders, including employees, can easily self-publish and use social networ...
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26 SEP 2016
Master Class The Leader Within - Manfred Kets de Vries
Razak School of Government and Kets de Vries Institute have designed a cutting edge executive programme that explores the intricate interconnectivity between character and leader...
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28 SEP 2016
RSOG ELP - Strategic Branding & Leadership Programme
This programme is designed for senior managers from the Public and Private Sectors who need to understand the strategic aspects of Branding and..
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15 AUG 2016
Advanced 3D Negotiation
In this intensive 2-day programme, the participants will have the chance to master the negotiation skills with one of the top negotiation experts which focus to develop sophistic...
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16 MAY 2016
Leadership & Change
The Evolving Leaders Programme: Leadership and Change aims to develop practical and applied dimensions of leadership and management in the age of information overload. A combinat...
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28 MAR 2016
Leadership in Crises
Peter Nixon is an international speaker, trainer, advisor and coach to leaders in busines, government, NGO's, school and universities around the world.
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SEP 2016
Master Class, The Leader Within
Razak School of Government and Kets de Vries Institute have designed a cutting edge executive programme that explores the intricate interconnectivity between character and leader...
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24 AUG 2015
Strategic Branding & Leadership Programmes
his programme is designed for senior managers from the Public and Private Sectors who need to understand the strategic aspects of Branding and Leadership, and how these interconn...
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AUG 2016
Master Class - Building & Sustaining Competitive Advantage
Felix Oberholzer-Gee is the Andreas Andresen Professor of Business Administration in the Strategy Unit at Harvard Business School. A member of the faculty..
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18 AUG 2014
SLP: Leadership, Power & Influence
There are leaders, and then there are leaders of influence. In an age of multiple avenues of influence, largely due to endless sources of news and alternative media, people are c...
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16 JUN 2014
SLP: Executive Leadership Series
The Executive Leadership Series is a unique personal development journey designed to guide senior leaders in understanding how their own human behaviour can have impact upon the ...
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26 MAY 2014
SLP: Policy Leadership & Strategic Change
Leadership is a dynamic process of interaction between leaders and followers and it involves producing real changes in behaviours or outcomes. The "Policy Leadership and Strategi...
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14 APR 2014
SLP: Branding Leaders, Branding the Nation
Malaysia's Transformation Programmes necessitate a significant transformational leap within the foundations that will see the country elevating to a developed and high-income nat...
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15 SEP 2013
SLP: Professional Judgement & Problem Solving
This senior leadership programme, aims to provide senior Malaysian public officials with in-depth understanding of best practices in governance in a globalised world. Participant...
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05 MAY 2013
SLP: Dialogue Leadership
Leading, managing, negotiating, resolving, inspiring and winning: they all require dialogue to succeed. The 'Dialogue Gap' occurs when the quality of the dialogue falls short of ...
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Knowledge Sharing Platform
16 FEB 2017
RSOG Leadership Forum with Tan Sri Abd Khalid Ibrahim
Tan Sri Abd Khalid bin Ibrahim is a Malaysian politician and businessman who served as the 14th Menteri Besar of the state of Selangor from 2008..
25 JAN 2017
RSOG and UNICEF Malaysia Joint Seminar with Dr. Amjad Rabi
Is Malaysia a welfare state? The idea of welfare state differs from one country to another, so what does it mean in Malaysia?
19 JAN 2017
RSOG Seminar with Tan Sri Dato` Academician Ir. Dr. Ahmad Zaidee Laidin FASc
Tan Sri Ahmad Zaidee graduated in Electrical Engineering from Brighton College of Technology (now University of Brighton) in 1966, on a Central..
17 JAN 2017
RSOG ,The Asia Foundation & INPUMA Joint Luncheon Talk
This luncheon talk will highlight the key recommendations outlined in the report pertaining to the South East Asian region and in particular, to Malaysia...
12 JAN 2017
RSOG Leadership Forum with Sajith Sivanandan
This Leadership Forum will explore the wisdom of Sajith Sivanandan in discussing future trends as far as work is concerned. Sajith Sivanandan is the Managing Director.....
13 DEC 2016
RSOG and The World Bank Group, Malaysia Joint Seminar with Dr. Sudhir Shetty
Sudhir Shetty is currently Chief Economist of the East Asia and Pacific Region of the World Bank. Until June 2014, he was the Director of the Poverty..
07 DEC 2016
RSOG Seminar with Tricia Yeoh
Tricia Yeoh is presently the Chief Operating Officer of IDEAS Malaysia (Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs). Previously, she was with Institut Rakyat, the Off...
29 NOV 2016
RSOG - MAJLIS BANDARAYA MIRI, A Joint Lunch Talk on `Effective Community Engagement`
Professor Makoto Nagahata began the session by sharing his randau ruwai experience (informal interaction) at Rumah..
26 NOV 2016
KL International Youth Discourse 2016
"Empowering youth for a safer and better future"
17 NOV 2016
RSOG - JPA Young Leaders Colloquium 2016
RSOG - JPA Young Leaders Colloquium 2016, Everly Putrajaya
09 NOV 2016
RSOG Seminar with His Excellency Mr Peter Vincent
H.E. Peter Vincent was appointed as the High Commissioner of Papua New Guinea to Malaysia in July 2016. Formerly, he was the Chief Executive Officer of Papua New Guine...
27 OCT 2016
RSOG Seminar with Suhaimi Sulaiman
Suhaimi Sulaiman is a renowned Malaysian media personality with 25 years of experience. In 1990, he joined TV3 as a reporter and assistant producer and started anchorin...
05 SEP 2016
RSOG Seminar with Professor Trevor McMillan
Professor Trevor McMillan became Vice-Chancellor of Keele University in August 2015. Before moving to Keele as Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost in January 2014, he wa...
29 AUG 2016
RSOG Leadership Forum with Professor Dr. Abdul Latif Ahmad
This Leadership Forum intends to explore from Professor Dr. Abdul Latif Ahmad, who has dedicated over 20 years of his life..
25 AUG 2016
RSOG Seminar with Peter R. Morgan, P.D.S.M., 25 Aug 2016
Peter R. Morgan is the Director of Potent Prep Ltd and a recognized expert in crisis management, critical incident leadership and crisis communications.
28 JUL 2016
RSOG Seminar with Emeritus Professor Dato` Dr. Abdul Rahman Embong
Professor Dato` Dr. Abdul Rahman Embong is Emeritus Professor in Sociology of Development, and serves as a Principal Research Fellow at the Institute
25 JUL 2016
RSOG Leadership Forum with Dato` Sri Nazir Razak
This Leadership Forum intends to explore from Dato' Sri Nazir Razak his journey in becoming a household name in the banking industry.
21 JUL 2016
RSOG Leadership Forum with Sasterawan Negara Professor Muhammad Haji Salleh
Professor Muhammad Haji Salleh is a Malaysian National Laureate and renowned Malay poet and author. Born on 25 March 1942 in the state of Perak,
25 MAY 2016
Malaysia`s Double-Burden - Challenges and Ways Forward
Following the release of the recent National Health and Morbidity Survey (NHMS) 2015, Malaysia`s health minister has given warning that the country is in the midst of a...
13 MAY 2016
RSOG Leadership Forum with Tan Sri Shahrir Abdul Samad
Tan Sri Shahrir Abdul Samad was born in Kuantan, Pahang, and attended local primary schools. He later attended the Malay College Kuala Kangsar for his secondary educati...
21 APR 2016
RSOG Seminar with Prof. Tan Sri Dato` Dzulkifli Abdul Razak
Dzulkifli Abdul Razak is currently the principal fellow at the Faculty of Leadership and Management at the Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM).
20 APR 2016
RSOG Seminar with Emeritus Professor Dato` Dr. Hood
Emeritus Professor Dato` Dr. Hood Mohd Salleh is presently Senior Research Fellow, Academic & Research at Razak School..
24 MAR 2016
RSOG Seminar with Dr.Richard Thornton and Mr.Martin Wehner
In this seminar, Dr Richard Thornton and Mr Martin Wehner will share their experience in Australia in particularly at the Bushfire and..
17 MAR 2016
RSOG Seminar with Professor Dr. Jomo Kwame Sundaram
Professor Dr. Jomo Kwame Sundaram was Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Administration, University of Malaya until August 2004. Since then, he has led many inte...
18 FEB 2016
RSOG Seminar with YBhg Dato` Abdul Aziz Abu Bakar
YBhg Dato' Aziz was appointed as the first CEO / Executive Director of Malaysian Directors Academy (MINDA) in October 2009. Since then he has been involved in numerou...
05 FEB 2016
RSOG Leadership Forum with Vanesri Kasi
Cik Vanesri Kasi is a remedial education teacher who received a first class honours degree and is teaching students aged from 7 to 12. Though just 25 years old, she has...
04 FEB 2016
RSOG Seminar with Professor Dr Kamaruddin Mohd Said
Professor Dr Kamaruddin Mohd Said is currently the Assistant Vice Chancellor of University of Sultan Zainal Abidin (UniSZA), Terengganu. . With a doctorate in anthropol...
21 JAN 2016
RSOG Seminar with Mohammed Al Riyami
Mohammed Al Riyami has more than 20 years hands on experience in the oil and gas industry. He has worked for Shell in the down and midstream value chain covering market...
18 JAN 2016
RSOG Leadership Forum with Noorjahan Sultan
Puan Noorjahan Sultan is a preschool teacher in Malaysia with over twenty years of experience. In 2009 she pioneered `Let`s Rhyme` a method of English language......
12 JAN 2016
RSOG Seminar with Dr Noor Sulastry Yurni Ahmad
Dr Noor Sulastry Yurni Ahmad is a Senior Lecturers at the Department of Anthropology and Sociology, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Malaya.
10 DEC 2015
RSOG Seminar with Achom Luji
Encik Achom Luji served the government for 36 years, with his first posting at the Jabatan Hal Ehwal Orang Asli as office assistant in 1969 and was then promoted to hea...
07 DEC 2015
RSOG-JPA Young Leaders Colloquium 2015
The young leaders in public service has the opportunity to relook its way of doing\nthings and the prospect of identifying the best approach to manage these challenges....
12 NOV 2015
RSOG Seminar with Dina Zaman
Dina Zaman is the Executive Director of IMAN Research Consulting. Dina has a Masters degree in Creative Writing from the University of Lancaster, UK and Honours degree...
05 NOV 2015
RSOG Seminar with Dr. Suraya
Dr Suraya Ismail is a Director of Research in Khazanah Research Institute. Prior to her current position, she was Program Director in Think City (a city-making initiati...
22 OCT 2015
RSOG Seminar with Dr Kobkua Suwannathat-Pian
Dr Kobkua Suwannathat-Pian was formerly Professor of History and Senior Fellow at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris, Tan...
19 OCT 2015
RSOG seminar with YB Dato` Seri Idris Jusoh
Dato' Seri Idris Jusoh is currently the Minister of Higher Education. Previous positions he has held include Minister of Education II, Chairman of Majlis Amanah Rakyat,...
13 OCT 2015
RSOG Seminar with Professor Charles Fine
Professor Charles Fine is the President and Dean of the Asia School of Business and Chrysler Leaders for Global Operations Professor of Management at MIT's Sloan School...
09 SEP 2015
RSOG Workshop with Christopher Looi
Christopher Looi is attached to CCL as a faculty member who specialised in the area of change, communication, conflict, and development. Before joining CCL, Christopher...
08 SEP 2015
ROG Seminar with Emeritus Professor Vamik D. Volkan
In this seminar, Prof. Vamik will discuss his findings based on his observation and research on the various patterns and psychology that influence a person`s sense of ...
21 AUG 2015
RSOG Seminar with Ameera Natasha Moore
Ameera Natasha Moore is currently into her third year of studying law at the International Islamic University Malaysia. She is an accomplished debater, being the curre...
05 AUG 2015
RSOG Leadership Forum with YBhg. Datuk Mohammed Nor Khalid
Datuk Mohd Nor Khalid, more commonly known as Datuk Lat, was born in March 1951 in Perak. A Malaysian cartoonist, social commentator and...
09 JUL 2015
RSOG Seminar with Dr. Kartini Aboo Talib@Khalid
Dr. Kartini Aboo Talib@Khalid is Senior Lecturer at the School of History, Politics and Strategy Studies and the Senior Research Fellow Fellow cum Deputy Director at t...
26 JUN 2015
RSOG Seminar with YB Senator Dato` Sri Abdul Wahid Omar
YB Senator Dato` Sri Abdul Wahid Omar the former Chief Executive Officer for Malayan Banking Berhad (Maybank)...
09 JUN 2015
RSOG Seminar With Professor Mark Crosby
Mark Crosby is an Associate Professor in Economics at Melbourne Business School. Mark graduated with a PhD from Queen's University in Canada in 1993..
04 JUN 2015
RSOG Seminar with Ehon Chan
Ehon Chan is presently the Executive Director of Social Entrepreneurship Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC).
28 MAY 2015
RSOG Seminar with YBhg. Tan Sri Datuk Wira Dr. Hj. Mohd. Shukor Hj. Mahfar
YBhg. Tan Sri Datuk Wira Dr. Hj. Mohd. Shukor Hj. Mahfar has a Master in Taxation and a PhD in Public Administration. Tan Sri has vast experience...
20 MAY 2015
RSOG Seminar with Dr Stelios Zyglidopoulos
Stelios Zyglidopoulos joined the University of Glasgow Adam Smith Business School as a Reader in Strategy in 2014. A Fellow of Homerton College, University of Cambridg...
07 MAY 2015
RSOG Leadership Forum with YB Tan Sri Datuk Amar Haji Mohamad Morshidi Abdul Ghani
YB Tan Sri Datuk Amar Haji Mohamad Morshidi Abdul Ghani was appointed the State Secretary of Sarawak..
30 APR 2015
Up Close and Personal with The Minister - YB Khairy Jamaluddin
Dalam sesi ini, YB Khairy Jamaluddin akan menyampaikan inspirasi beliau kepada para pegawai muda yang berkaliber...
08 APR 2015
RSOG Seminar with John R. Ryan & Dr Roland B. Smith
What skills do executives and managers need to lead successfully in this environment? John R. Ryan & Dr Roland B. Smith of the Centre of Creative Leadership (CCL), disc...
05 MAR 2015
RSOG Seminar with Dr Emil Bolongaita
Dr Emil Bolongaita is Executive Director of Carnegie Mellon University Australia and Distinguished Service Professor of Public Policy and Management.
26 FEB 2015
RSOG Seminar with Dr. Kuik Cheng-Chwee
Dr. Kuik Cheng-Chwee is Associate Professor in the Strategic Studies and International Relations Program at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). He is concurrently an...
12 FEB 2015
RSOG Seminar with Harry Azhar Azis
Harry Azhar Azis, Ph.D., the Chairman of the Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia, lead a institution to oversight the state management of more than two thousand p...
27 JAN 2015
RSOG Seminar with Ms. Low Ngai Yuen
Mrs. Low Ngai Yuen has been one of Malaysia`s top producers and directors for some of the nation`s highest rating TV programmes. She was also one of the prominent ho...
19 JAN 2015
RSOG Seminar with Dr. Aida Idris
Dr. Aida Idris obtained her Bachelor of Engineering at the University of Aberdeen. She later received her MBA from Ohio University, Athens, Ohio before completing her ...
16 JAN 2015
RSOG Seminar with Aiman Azlan
Mr. Aiman Azlan is a social media sensation and YouTube celebrity in Malaysia. He is also a public speaker, author, and a recent graduate from University of Toronto Mi...
18 DEC 2014
RSOG Seminar with Dr. Paul Temporal
Dr. Paul Temporal, Associate Fellow at the University of Oxford's Said Business School and a facilitator in RSOG's Senior Leadership Programme, is a prominent figure ...
4 DEC 2014
RSOG Seminar with Dr. M. Syafi`i Anwar
Dr. M. Syafi'i Anwar is Resident Faculty of Ghazali Shafie Executive Enhancement Program, Universiti Utara Malaysia. He is also Visiting Associate Professor at School ...
21 NOV 2014
RSOG Seminar with Dr. Mary Wong Lai Lin
Dr. Mary Wong Lai Lin is the Chief Executive Officer of the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC), the primary agency set up to develop and promote Malaysia's healt...
13 NOV 2014
ALUMNI Session with Dato Vaseehar Hassan
Dato' Vaseehar Hassan has been involved in RSOG Senior Leadership Programme as a distinguished facilitator to the Malaysia's public service officials.
06 NOV 2014
CHEVENING UK Government Scholarship
Looking to study a Master's degree? At one of the UK's leading Universities? Would you like to receive full funding?
06 NOV 2014
RSOG Seminar with Dr. Hezri Adnan
Dr. Hezri is currently Program Director for the Technology, Innovation, Environment and Sustainability division at ISIS Malaysia.
31 OCT 2014
RSOG Seminar with Dr. Miles Parker
Miles Parker will share ideas, based on his experience as a now-retired career civil servant in the UK and Ireland, around what a culture of service means and the benef...
30 SEP 2014
RSOG Seminar with Professor James Chin
James Chin is Professor of Political Science and Head of the School of Arts & Social Sciences, Monash University, Malaysia Campus. He is also Director of Governance Stu...
05 SEP 2014
RSOG Seminar with Peter Nixon
In this seminar, Peter Nixon will explore and discuss the importance of effective dialogic skills for public sector leaders, as well as enlighten the audience on the va...
19 AUG 2014
RSOG Seminar with Victor Lindal
Vic Lindal is an accomplished public speaker and has been performing his professional presentations for over 30 years.
15 AUG 2014
RSOG Leadership Forum with Datin Paduka Siti Sa`diah Sheikh Bakir
In this RSOG Leadership Forum, YBhg. Datin Paduka Siti Sa'diah will share her experiences in embracing leadership...
14 AUG 2014
RSOG Leadership Forum with Tan Sri Arshad Ayub
In this Leadership Forum, Tan Sri Arshad Ayub will share his broad Public Service experience in particularly in laying the foundation and development of the Universiti...
07 AUG 2014
RSOG Seminar with Prof.Dr. Alma Harris
Dr Alma Harris is Professor and Director of the Institute of Educational Leadership at the University of Malaya. Since 2008, she has been the Professor and Pro-Directo...
25&26 JUN
The Knowledge Efficient Executive
Anyone in an organization who is entrusted with responsibility, faces deadlines and time-pressures that affect their personal & proessional life will gain from this 2 day workshop.
12 JUN 2014
A Talk by Dr. Aizi Rahman Ismail
Malaysia is a signatory to the United Nations Agenda 21 document, which was signed at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. Malaysia implemented its pilot p...
30 MAY 2014
A Workshop with Anne Abraham
The session will share and discuss these natural women leadership talents that are the leadership qualities needed to lead effectively in the 21st century.\n
27 MAR 2014
Presentation Session of the Young Officer Leadership Programme
A Partnership Programme between Razak School of Government and the British High Commission Kuala Lumpur
18 APR 2014
RSOG SEMINAR with Ethan Becker: Strengthening Crisis Communication
When a major incident happens, the manner for which an organization responds can have a significant impact on its public reputation...
11 APR 2014
RSOG SEMINAR: A Preamble to The Federal Constitution of Malaysia
How many Malaysians can confidently say that they have read the Federal Constitution
04 MAR 2014
RSOG Seminar with Dato Dr. Tam Weng Wah
Change is inevitable. To ensure its relevance, the public sector is required to transform itself so that it continues to add and create value for the society it ...
03 MAR 2014
RSOG Seminar with Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Drechsler
This seminar will present and discuss the different paradigms of governance with specific focus on public administration (PA), including the Chinese and Islamic ...
28 FEB 2014
RSOG Seminar with Prof. Dr. Wan Mohd Nor Wan Daud
Tolerance has always been an essential element in a multicultural and multi-religious society particularly in Malaysia.
25 FEB 2014
RSOG Seminar with Mr. Anis Yusal
In this seminar, Mr. Anis Yusal will highlight the background, conceptual framework and preliminary findings of a research project which monitors ethnic relation...
10 JAN 2014
"Transforming Asia-Pacific and Turkey"
04 DEC 2013
RSOG Seminar with Dato Paul Selva Raj
The introduction of the GST is part of the government's tax reforms strategy programmed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the existing taxation system....
22 NOV 2013
RSOG Seminar with Dr. Noore Alam Siddiquee
Since the 1980s, the Malaysian government has made attempts to innovate and improve its governance so as to achieve its national development goals.
14 NOV 2013
RSOG Seminar with Professor Rosario Laratta
In the present day, effective Civic Engagement is an integral part of a government. Effective Civic Engagement requires good communication, trust and respect. ...
15 NOV 2013
RSOG Seminar with Professor Hideaki Tanaka
Weakening public finance across the global is off the concern to everyone.
29 OCT 2013
RSOG Seminar with Dr. Muhammad Abdul Khalid
This seminar will explore the inclusiveness of Malaysia's development agenda, and will critically review Malaysia's policy responses and ensuing development experie...
08 OCT 2013
RSOG Seminar with Roger Konopasek
Technology and society are shifting at an unprecedented rate, creating a market in which all established businesses and business models are under constant attack. S...
30 SEP 2013
RSOG Seminar with Professor Emeritus Dr. Akira Nakamura
Over decades of public administration and governance involvement in Japan as well as Asia, Professor Nakamura observed a pattern of leadership skillsets.
25 SEP 2013
RSOG Seminar with Dr. Veerinderjeet Singh
The International Monetary Fund ( IMF ) has long recommended the introduction of GST as a method of raising the efficiency of the Malaysian tax system. 146 countrie...
20 SEP 2013
This Seminar is a platform for participants to gain insights on the importance of good dialogical skills for effective planning and managing in an organizatio...
24 AUG 2013
The Rights of Woman and Children: A National Concern
The purpose of this Forum is to find among the more obvious issues relating to women and children, especially in the discrimination and persecution against the grou...
8 JULY 2013
RSOG K-Sharing Platform with Dr. Boyd Fuller
Many bosses don't want to negotiate with those who work under them. They are busy and must allocate their time efficiently. They have reputations to protect. They...
28 JUN 2013
Discourse on National Reconciliation has taken a front seat since the GE-13 Elections Results. Various attempts have been made by civil society and members of aca...
11 JUN 2013
RSOG Forum on Implementing a Transformation Programme
This forum brings together representation from Malaysia and Tanzania to discuss bringing about transformation in the developing world. The cases of both countries...
11 JUN 2013
RSOG Seminar with Professor Bassem Younes
This lecture will explore on how leadership, one that is genuine and creatively transformational, plays an important role in inspiring and driving a nation to ach...
17 MAY 2013
Women in Government - Changing the Paradigm
Women start careers with the same level of intelligence, education, and commitment as men. Yet comparatively few reach the top echelons in Public Sector. Develop...
16 MAY 2013
RSOG Knowledge Sharing Platform: POST GE-13 MALAYSIA
The 13th General Election was the most hotly contested elections in the country's history. Race and religion were used extensively during the campaign...
11 APR 2013
RSOG Leadership Forum
Tan Sri Datuk Dr Sulaiman Mahbob is also the Chairman of Jambatan Kedua Sdn. Bhd. He was the Chairman of Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (MIDA) from Sept...
5 APR 2013
RSOG Leadership Forum
YABhg. Tun Abdul Hamid was Malaysia's Former Chief Justice from November 2007 to October 2008. In the course of his carrier, he was also appointed as Judge of the Sp...
3 APR 2013
Political Transformation Conference
This conference aims to share as much information with specific groups of people, particularly civil servant, community leaders, heads of departments / agencies, cor...
28 MAR 2013
RSOG SEMINAR with Prof. Edgard Van de Velde
This seminar will examine positive equality and liberty, which is focused on positive discrimination, financial state support of nascent political initiatives and d...
21 MAR 2013
KSU VISION : Ministry of Tourism
The KSU Vision session is a monthly forum held by the Razak School of Government (RSOG), with the purpose of promoting interactive and engaging knowledge sharing...
21 MAR 2013
RSOG Workshop with Peter Burow
People are happy to be followers to leaders they can trust. From an early age human beings are scripted on morality, ethics, social dynamics and many other dimen...
20 MAR 2013
RSOG Leadership with Prof.Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim
In this Leadership Forum, Prof. Emeritus Khoo Kay Kim will present and discuss issues affecting Malaysia's multiracial society and the various initiatives undertake...
21 FEB 2013
RSOG Seminar with John Denton
This talk will explore the emotional reaction to major change and the practical actions leaders require in ensuring that their subordinates are able to successfull...
22 FEB 2013
RSOG Workshop with Dr. Paul Temporal
This talk will outline why brands are important to Nations and the Public Sector. It will provide examples of different types of Public Sector branding from around ...
09 JAN 2013
The Razak Roundtable
Today businesses are facing extraordinary uncertainties in the midst of a rapidly evolving landscape, while shifting customer preferences, perplexing consumer behav...
10 JAN 2013
RSOG TALK with Dr.Andrew White
One of the most important attributes of the leader in the 21st century is ability to lead in times of crisis. Rather than just an unpleasant business challenge, lea...
14 DEC 2012
RSOG Seminar
The seminar will delve into in-depth discussion of the great success of NYC's performance management in reducing crime. Issues and the current controversy over ...
30 NOV 2012
RSOG Seminar
Malaysia and the EU are deep into negotiations on a Free Trade Agreement that would help to improve trade between Malaysia and 27 nation trading bloc. This is an...
28 NOV 2012
RSOG Seminar
A presentation by Prof. Sam van den Bergh on the importance and the ways of integrating diversity and inclusion in sustainable diversity management so that we co...
26 NOV 2012
RSOG Seminar
In his speech to the public service on 8 March 2012, Prime Minister YAB Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak abolished the SBPA and concurrently announced the establishme...
01 NOV 2012
The KSU Vision session is a monthly forum held by the Razak School of Government (RSOG), with the purpose of promoting interactive and engaging knowledge sharing...
19 OCT 2012
The KSU Vision session is a monthly forum held by the Razak School of Government (RSOG), with the purpose of promoting interactive and engaging knowledge sharing...
17 OCT 2012
RSOG Seminar
The RSOG Seminar with Professor Patrick Low on 'Asian Styles of Leadership' presents a wider perspective on the 'Asian Way' of leadership and governance to give ...
04 OCT 2012
Seminar Series
The Suruhanjaya Khas Mengenai Transformasi Perkhidmatan Awam (SKMTPA) Seminar Series is developed to provide a comprehensive memorandum from RSOG to SKMTPA detai...
11 JUL 2012
A Talk by Tariq Ramadan
Concepts and contention between Identity and Diversity is largely due on the construction of Self and the Other. Multiple identities exist as much as there are mul...
10 AUG 2012
RSOG Seminar with Terry Moran
Terence Francis "Terry" Moran was Australia's Chief Secretary from March 2008 to September 2011. He was appointed by former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, and continu...
10 JUL 2012
RSOG Seminar with Dr. Terry F. Buss
In public organizations, management has the legal authority to direct the work of subordinates, and subordinates have an obligation to obey that authority. But aut...
09 JUL 2012
Majlis Dialog Perdana Perkhidmatan Awam 2012
The Majlis Dialog Perdana Perkhidmatan Awam is a joint initiative between Razak School of Government (RSOG) and the Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awan (JPA) to establish an...
13 JUN 2012
Prof. Dr. Thomas Christiansen is Jean Monnet Professor of European Institutional Politics at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Maastricht University and te...
31 MAY 2012
Leadership Forum
Razak School of Government has undertaken efforts in providing avenues where various stakeholders are able to engage in on-going dialogue on public service leadership ...
07 JUN 2012
KSU Vision Session
This session will enable KSU to share their Vision for their Ministries and how they intend to achieve it. It will enable their Vision to be challenged by the aud...
11 JUN 2012
Razak Lecture Series with HRH Raja Nazrin Shah
The Razak Lecture Series, an annual event organised by RSOG is a knowledge sharing platform for Malaysian leaders and public. It features prominent statesmen and ...
15 MAY 2012
KSU Vision Session
The KSU Vision Session will enable Secretary Generals to share their Vision for their Ministries and how they intend to achieve it. It will enable their Vision to...
26 APR 2012
Effective Public Engagement Seminar: Prof. Vivien Lowndes
The days of "government knows best" are over. Policy makers need to get as much input as possible from the stakeholders in their policy formulation. This seminar...
23 APR 2012
KSU Vision Session
The Razak School of Government wishes to introduce the KSU Vision Session. This session will enable KSU to share their Vision for their Ministries and how they intend...
10 APR 2012
Acquiring Solution-Focused Leadership Skills
Cooperation - the ability to collaborate with one's colleagues - is the secret of success in any contemporary organisation. It is not a God-given gift that some peo...
20 MAR 2012
Chief Secretary Annual Lecture Series
The Razak School of Government wishes to introduce the Chief Secretary Annual Lecture Series. This event is a platform for the academia (public and private highe...
30 MAR 2012
RSOG Leadership Forum
Razak School of Government has undertaken efforts in providing avenues where various stakeholders are able to engage in on-going dialogue on public service leadership ...
19 MAR 2012
KSU Vision Session
The KSU Vision Session will enable KSU to share their Vision for their Ministries and how they intend to achieve it. It will enable their Vision to be challenged by...
22 FEB 2012
Public Service Management in a Multicultural Environment
This seminar presents a framework for successfully managing the public sector in a multicultural environment from the perspective of policymakers and senior man...
20 FEB 2012
RSOG Workshop with Dr. Geoff Mulgan
Dr. Geoff Mulgan addresses four key areas Malaysia's government can leverage to achieve nation's transformation goals which are organizing innovation within g...
09 FEB 2012
KSU Vision Session
The KSU Vision Session will enable KSU to share their Vision for their Ministries and how they intend to achieve it. It will enable their Vision to be challenged ...
08 FEB 2012
AUKU Amendment : A Forum
Student political activism is seeing a revival in Malaysia and current concerns among the academe points to the continued existence of the Universities and Uni...
Upcoming Events
21 FEB 2017
RSOG Leadership Forum with Nadiah Wan
Nadiah Wan holds a Masters in Public Health (Nutrition) from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and a Bachelor of Arts in...
23 FEB 2017
RSOG Leadership Forum with Eddin Khoo
Eddin Khoo is a poet, writer, translator and journalist - presently Founding Director of Pusaka . He was born in Kuala Lumpur, studied Politics at the..
9 MAR 2017
RSOG Leadership Forum with Dato` Faris Yahaya
Dato` Faris Yahaya was appointed as the Managing Director of Cyberview Sdn Bhd in June 2013. He has more than 20 years of experience in..

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The Razak School of Government Seminar is a platform to participants to engage in an open, interactive and intimate exchange with leading experts. Session aims to provide vibrant discussion and identifying solutions for current challenges in the fabric of public sphere.  Read more

The Razak School of Government Seminar is a platform to participants to engage in an open, interactive and intimate exchange with leading experts. Session aims to provide vibrant discussion and identifying solutions for current challenges in the fabric of public sphere.  Read more

The Razak School of Government Seminar is a platform to participants to engage in an open, interactive and intimate exchange with leading experts. Session aims to provide vibrant discussion and identifying solutions for current challenges in the fabric of public sphere.  Read more

Creating Brand Power for Countries and Companies
This book presented invaluable insights with regards to 'presenting our countries and our companies brands to the watching world'. Among the topics discussed and elaborated at the roundtable include:- Can a Country Brand Itself? How Can Leaders Create Transformational Change; and Strategic Marketing and Communication of Public and Private Sector Brands.  Read more

Leadership in Time of Crisis
This book presented invaluable insights into why the pitfall of a leader is often the mishandling of a crisis, and not the crisis itself. Similarly, the leadership displayed throughout this process differentiates the organisations that thrive following a crisis from those that do not.  Read more

Legal and Judicial Transformation in Malaysia
In this book, the Malaysia's former Chief Justice Tun Hamid critically examined the Political Transformation Program and the issues that needed to be addressed to engender greater democratisation particularly with regards to the national security.  Read more

Public Sector Reform: The Australian Experience
The book centred on Terry Moran's personal experiences as a central influencing figure in Australia's public sector reform, interspersed with specific stories and incidences that have resonance with the mainly-Malaysian audience.  Read more

Multiple Identities and the Value of Diversity - A Message for Government
Tariq Ramadhan focused on two main concepts - identity and diversity; breaking down the construction of identity and how identities are often fused with multiple dimensions.  Read more

Risk and Challenges of Changing Mind-set
YABhg. Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali devoted herself to fight for a better living for the people in rural areas.  Read more

PUTTING TO REST the claim to Sabah by the self-proclaimed Sultanate of Sulu
Tan Sri Gani Patail took the initiative to detail the status and historical background of Sabah through his book entitled Putting to Rest the Claim to Sabah by...  Read more

So Good that They Cant Ignore You: Why Skills Trump Passion in the Quest for the Work You Love
This book tackles, head on, the oft-heard but woefully hard to realize in real life, the notion of passion as the guiding light of choice in one's career decisions. The author put up a good case for what he believes ...  Read more

Daniel H. Pink addresses his ideas critically in this interdisciplinary book that was intelligently written to include stories, case studies and examples from business, economics, sociology, psychology and science to explain our paradoxical understanding of behavioural physics.  Read more

Mastering Business in Asia: Negotiation
In his observations, the author has uncovered the attributes of the most successful negotiators and shares this in great detail with the reader. Each chapter is packed with tips, tactics and tools to help in any negotiation situation, as well as references to thought leadership on related topics such as psychology, communication, power and influence.  Read more

The Art of Public Strategy
Divided into three parts, the book highlights both the importance and frustration of government strategies. The first part sets the scene of public strategy, the second part digs deeper into major issues facing contemporary government, and the final part - part three, ties up the themes and issues together, setting out some conclusions.  Read more

The Brand Advantage: Public Sector Branding in Asia
The rest of the book provides a good insight on the advantages of branding for the public sector in Asian countries. The author stressed on the importance of national branding that would affect Public Sector Branding and vice versa.  Read more

The Leadership Mystique - Leading Behavior in The Human Enterprise
In this book, Manfred shared his experiences from conversant with thoughtful management scientist to the likes of Henry Mintzberg to his own city culture ramifications based on personal accounts of a time and motion observation in a cafe in Puerto Rico.  Read more

The Emotional Life of Your Brain
For more than thirty years, Richard Davidson has been at the forefront of brain research. Now he gives us an entirely new model for understanding our emotions, as well as practical strategies we can use to change them a new model of our emotions - their origins, their power, and their malleability.  Read more

Who Will Cry When You Die?
Do you feel that life is slipping by so fast that you might never get the chance to live with the meaning, happiness and joy you know you deserve? If so, then this very special book by leadership guru Robin S. Sharma, the author whose The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari series has transformed the lives of thousands, will be the guiding light that leads you to a brilliant new way of living.  Read more

The Fat Tail
This groundbreaking book is the first to both identify the wide range of political risks that global firms face and show investors how to effectively manage them. Written by two of the world's leading figures in political risk management, it reveals that while the world remains exceedingly risky for businesses, it is by no means incomprehensible.  Read more

The Future of Power
Politics changed, and the nature of power defined as the ability to affect others to obtain the outcomes you want had changed dramatically. In this book, Joseph Nye delves behind the elusive faces of power to discover its enduring nature in the cyber age.  Read more

That Used To Be Us
In That Used to Be Us, Thomas L. Friedman, one of America's most influential columnists, and Michael Mandelbaum, one of America's leading foreign policy thinkers, provide both searching exploration of the American condition today and a rousing manifesto for American renewal.  Read more

The Innovation Manual
The Innovation Manual provides a solution to the problems faced by those at the forefront of innovation. It takes you through the seven topics that have the highest impact on the success of value innovation, be this innovation a new product, a new service or a new business model.  Read more

Peaks and Valleys
Spencer Johnson's Peaks and Valleys presents, in narrative story format, how shifting our thinking about the ups and downs in our lives can change how long we dwell in the personal valleys or savor the personal peaks of life.  Read more

Leadership for Innovation
In Leadership for Innovation author John Adair draw upon real-life examples including Google, Honda and 3M to reveal the characteristics of an innovation organisation, the conditions for successful innovation, team creativity, how to build on ideas and how to be a creative leader and team member.  Read more

Disciplined Dreaming
Author Linkner distills his years of experience in business and jazz - as well as hundreds of interviews with CEOs, entrepreneurs, and artists - into a 5-step process that will make creativity easy for you and your organization. This is one of the three books suggested by YBhg. Datuk Abdul Wahab Abdullah, CEO of MIMOS Berhad.  Read more

The Post-American World
How can Americans understand this rapidly changing international climate, and how might the nation continue to thrive in a truly global era? Zakaria answers these questions with his customary lucidity, insight, and imagination.  Read more

Innovation Nation
The bestselling author and leading expert on innovation John Kao asks, that today Finland is the world's most competitive economy? That U.S. students rank twenty-fourth in the world in math literacy and twenty-sixth in problem-solving ability? That in 2005 and 2006 combined, in a reverse brain drain, 30,000 highly trained professionals left the United States to return to their native India?  Read more

Perkhidmatan Awam: Meneraju Perubahan, Melangkau Jangkaan
Prime Minister Y.A.B. Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak's third book is dedicated to all public servants, especially to raise their morale to realise the governments transformation plan toward achieving Vision 2020.  Read more

Beyond Expectations
Beyond Expectations is the first publication of the Razak School of Government (RSOG). It contains remarks that convey a strong message in simply three words Courage, Innovation and Change.  Read more
RSOG Insight

Nation Branding Part 2: Putting Forth the Right Image
The recently concluded Rio Olympics turned all of the world's attention to Brazil. While the games proceeded smoothly despite worries and warnings of logistical and security problems, polluted water, crime and the Zika virus, the image of the country that has emerged after the curtains have come down is a mixed one. On one hand, Brazil's ability to play host to the summer Olympics, and before...   Read more

Temperament: A Leader`s Advantage
The term "temperament" has been making a lot of headlines in the run-up to the United States presidential election. Donald Trump claims that his is much better than his opponent's, and indeed has asserted that his "strongest asset, maybe by far", is what he calls his "winning temperament". Meanwhile the Clinton campaign has repeatedly railed against Trump for what they say is an unstable...   Read more

Nation Branding Part 1: The Role of the Public Service
The public service of a country is a frontline interface with domestic and international audiences. When state institutions are well run, manned by skilled and competent professionals and consistently and efficiently deliver high-quality services, the ensuing effects are felt by all. Therefore, any effort to improve the perception of a nation cannot ignore how the public service operates and is...   Read more

A Motivated Team, A More Effective Team
The process of managing people is as old as history itself but modern scientific management is largely a twentieth century phenomenon. The question of how to keep employees motivated is one that would draw very different ideas today as compared to during the industrial age, which might subscribe to a more Freudian, 'stick and carrot' notion of motivation. Sigmund Freud's view of people was that...   Read more

Charm School - Harnessing the Power of Charismatic Leadership
Difficult to define but evident when we see it, charisma is usually cited as a quintessential leadership trait. However, experts on the study of charisma believe that, rather than being an innate trait in itself, possessed by a lucky few, it is a collection of traits that constitute charismatic leadership.   Read more

Leadership - Growing Relationships, Building Trust, Creating Value
"Leadership without mutual trust is a contradiction in terms." - Warren Bennis. Much of the elusiveness of leading with influence lies in underestimating the significance of building relationships and establishing trust. There is a certain crucial point where leaders become leaders and this happens when they cross the fine line from technical competence into the realm of leadership competence....   Read more

Make Way for Women: Removing the Barriers to More Gender-diverse Leadership
We may have thought the glass ceiling had been shattered some time ago, but a persistent paltry showing of women's participation in decision-making levels prove that this is not the case. In fact, apart from the glass ceiling, women also continue to struggle daily with what is known as the "sticky-floor" syndrome. As numerous studies show, this is to the disadvantage of organisations , and of...   Read more

Employee Engagement: New Rules for Leaders
Employee-engagement is a topic that has been receiving a lot of buzz in recent years, which is not surprising considering the research proving its positive correlation with high-organisational performance. However, research also shows that most employees are disengaged and, as a result, performance suffers.   Read more

Remembering Fundamental Values in the Public Service
A high-performing public service whose ultimate responsibility is to the people can only be achieved through building an organisation with the right values. Values define the culture of the organisation, which in turn regulates the behaviours of those who operate within it.   Read more

The Myths of Leadership
RSOG INSIGHT aims to provide timely and, wherever possible, policy-relevant commentary on latest thought and developments on pertinent themes. The views of the authors are their own and may not represent the official position of RSOG. Articles may only be quoted or reproduced with prior permission from RSOG and with due recognition to the authors and RSOG.   Read more



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